The Remote School Attendance Strategy (RSAS) is about working together with schools, families, parents and community organisations to ensure all children go to school every day.

Remote School Attendance strategy (RSAS)

Tel: 08 9191 1527

Address: 145 Loch Street, Derby

WNAC is the responsible agency for implementing the RSAS within Derby, continuing the active involvement in the program from late 2014. WNAC delivers the RSAS to the Derby Town and Momanjum communities. The RSAS programs delivered by WNAC are achieving national targets on school attendance.

Under the management of Elaine Hansen, the RSAS team includes four school engagement supervisors supporting eleven school engagement officers. The school engagement teams work with the school and other agencies to help parents and families make sure children have what they need to go to school each day. The staff are all local people living in the Derby community.

The RSAS team delivers the following methods by ensuring children and young people have access to more opportunities through education:

  • Support families to assess the reasons their children may not be attending school, and provide short term support, or referrals to specialist support services, where needed.

  • Provide practical support such as transport to school, assistance with school lunches and uniforms where required.

  • Work with the local school to monitor attendance and follow up on student absences.

  • Enable communities to take ownership of school attendance activities, including through decision making and goal setting.

  • Share good news with families, celebrate student’s successes and promote the positive benefits of school.

  • School holiday programs including Basketball/DISCO, movie nights, picnics, day of country, multisport day and community party days.

All supervisors and attendance officers have working with children checks, police checks and participate in work-related learning activities.

For further assistance please contact the RSAS team on 9191 1527/0491 841 076 or drop into the office at 45 Clarendon Street, Derby.