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Winun Ngari’s THRIVE program is about empowering individuals and families to live their best lives by building their skills and knowledge to reach their social and economic goals. It is a support program for Aboriginal and public housing clients.

Replacing the Support and Tenant Education Program (STEP), THRIVE started operations in the West Kimberley Region in October 2019
under consortium arrangements. The consortium is coordinated by Nirrumbuk Aboriginal Corporation Health and Environment Services (Broome).

An initiative of the Department of Communities (Housing), THRIVE serves households in Derby and remote West Kimberley communities,
including Ngallagunda, Dodnun, Kupungarri, Imintji, Balginjirr, Yungngora, Mowanjum,Pandanus Park, and Kandiwal. The program's goal is to improve clients' life skills, their ability to manage their household independently, and participate meaningfully in their community.

Rather than offering one-dimensional solutions, THRIVE takes a holistic approach by looking at the wider needs of the individual and their household. The program offers personalised case coordination and management. It utilises a collaborative community-based approach, supporting clients to link with appropriate services and build long-term support networks. Winun Ngari's THRIVE staff work
closely with Frilled Enterprises' West Kimberley Labour Hire to connect clients to gardening and maintenance services.

Thrive program

Tel: 08 9191 1877

Address: 145 Loch Street, Derby

THRIVE has a strong focus on early intervention supporting people to identify and tackle problems before they become too great. THRIVE assists people to manage their household by developing strategies to grow their capacity and resilience, help people navigate and link up with support services and programs across government and the private sector, provide people with long term sustainable support networks and build people’s connections to their community.




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