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The commercial arm of WNAC, Frilled Enterprises Pty Ltd owns and operates the following businesses:

•  Derby Licenced Post Office

•  West Kimberley Labour Hire

•  Dumbara Burru Caravan Park

•  NDIS Service Provider
•  Winun Ngari Recycling
including Containers for Change Refund Point including Containers for Change Refund Point 

The support WNAC provides to remote communities differs from community to community, however services include enterprise and business development, employment and training, health and well being, governance and administration.


WNAC is dedicated to ensuring that local Indigenous communities have the strength and ability to celebrate their own culture, manage their own country and two their own futures.

Our core values of trust, honesty and respect define everything we do. Our values are underpinned by good liyan / good feeling.

These values mean:
•   Trust – we deliver our services in the right way and are there when needed
•   Honesty – we are open, straightforward, and truthful
•   Respect – we treat all people with dignity and respect

We focus our efforts in the following areas:

•   Staff

•   Governance

•   Communication

•   Cost Efficiencies

•   Relationships

WNAC has a growing number of government and business clients.

Our clients include:

•   Main Roads WA

•   Maca Civil Pty Ltd

•   Buckleys Earthmoving & Paving Pty

•   Department of Health

•   Gungalla Mackay Pty Ltd

•   Derby Native Wildlife

•   Shire of Derby West Kimberley

•   National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA)

•   Department of Social Services

•   Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services

•   Nirrumbuk Environmental Health Services

  • Vehicle fleet

  • Commuter buses

  • Mitsubishi Tipper

  • Bobcats

  • Caterpillar 914K Wheel Loader

  • Tilt Tray truck

  • Prime mover

  • Water cart

  • Tray top - Mitsubishi Canter

Our truck is modified to dual control to enable HR licensing of our workforce.





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