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Winun Ngari Employment Services (WNES) is responsible for delivering the Community Development Program (CDP)., The Community Development Program (CDP) is part of the Australian Government’s commitment to the Closing the Gap strategy. The CDP aims to achieve social and economic development through active participation, jobs and stronger communities in remote Australia.


Tel: 08 9191 2569

Address: 45 Clarendon Street, Derby

In April 2013, WNAC was successful in becoming the CDP provider for Derby, Looma and Gibb River region. As such Winun Ngari Employment Service (WNES) is responsible for delivering the program to communities on Gibb River Road and along Fitzroy River.

For further assistance please don’t hesitate to contact the Employment Service team on 08 9191 2569 or drop in to the office at 48 Clarendon Street, Derby.

Currently WNAC is achieving results across all key performance indicators set by National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA).



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